As part of our services we need access to hoster`s management console. In case of Amazon Web Services (AWS) it is Amazon management console and we ask al our customers to create a separate group and user for Forthscale support team.

To do that, please log in AWS console

Once you are logged in you AWS account, click on “Services” and choose “IAM”.

You will be presented with IAM control panel. First lets create user groups. Please click “Create a new group of users”.

Now creation wizard is started, please type in a group name. Name of the group is your preference, for example  “Support”. Hit continue.

Next step is setting permissions for the group. We ask for  full admin rights for our group. Hit “Select” on  “Administrator Access” field.

Since we are creating from template and want to give full rights to our group just hit “Continue” on the next window.

Once you have a group set, it is a time to create user. Next screen is AWS account user creaion. Click on “Create New Users” and enter username of your choice, for example “support” and leave “Generate an access key for each User”. Click continue.

On the next screen click “Finnish”.

Next step is very important as it generates and provides API key credentials for user you have just created. Keep in mind that these are not web GUI console “Username / Password” credentials but are important to keep as well. Click on “Download Credentials”. Store them safely (then applicable, in our shared folder).  After downloading click on “Close Window”.

Next step is to create and set password for the new user. On the “IAM” dashboard click “users”.

User management panel will show up, it is time to set password for user “support”. Select user “suppport”, go to “User Actions” and choose “Manage Password”.

On the next screen you can choose between setting an auto generated password or creating one by yourself. Choose appropriate option and click “Apply”.

Next screen allows you to download credentials file for accessing AWS console. Click “Download Credentials”, and “Close Window”

Store downloaded file together with previous credentials.

Now you will have two “csv” credentials  files. Both of them are needed by our support team to be able to access your AWS management consoles. The only thing missing is custom URL generated by IAM to access your account.

To get the URL address , you please scroll down on IAM console and you will see “AWS Account Alias” and “IAM users sign-in link:”. This URL is what our users need to know to be able to login to AWS console.

Write down this URL and send it our team together with account credentials.