Forthscale Cloud care overview

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to managed instance service delivered to Customers. This SLA does not apply to the availability of Third Party Services (TPS) which are subject to the vendor escalation. The SLA is binding only on the Customer and Forthscale systems Limited CR 2024876, incorporated in HK SAR (Forthscale, FS) and does not apply to any Third Parties, including Customer End Users. The issuance of SLA Credits (defined below) is the sole and exclusive remedy of Customer and Forthscale’s sole and exclusive obligation, for any failure by Forthscale to satisfy the requirements set forth in the SLA.

Responsibility areas

As part of managed instance service Forthscale is responsible for OS state and configuration and supported middleware. TPS are supported only as part of Tier 3 escalation procedure. Application code behavior is supported on willingness bases together with customer development team. 

Guaranteed response times:

  1. MONITORING RESPONSES: server and service down alerts will be acknowledged within 30 minutes. 

  2. TICKET RESPONSIVENESS: Customer questions submitted via helpdesk ticketing ( will be acknowledged within following framework.
    When creating a support case, it's important to assign it with correct priority.
    Setting the right priority for a support case allows our engineers to respond within the required timeframe, while still allowing engineers to triage the importance of concurrent cases. Having correct ticket priority helps us balance response speed with in-depth investigation of your issue. Please note that after an evaluation, our engineering team might change the priority to correspond with following types.


Example situations


Critical Impact 

Service Unusable in Production

The application or infrastructure is unusable in production, having a significant rate of user-facing errors.

Business impact is critical (revenue loss, potential data integrity issue, etc.).

Production SLA

15 minutes or less 24x7

Startup SLA

1 hour or less 24x7

Development SLA

4 hours or less 24x5

High Impact
Service Use Severely Impaired

The infrastructure is degraded in production, having a noticeable rate of user-facing errors or difficulties in spinning up a new production system.

Production SLA

4 hours or less 24x7

Startup SLA

4 hours or less 24x5

Development SLA

1 business day or less 24x5

Medium Impact

Service Use Partially Impaired

A problem with relatively low scope and/or severity is experienced, not manifesting in user-visible impact.

Case requires more in-depth investigation and troubleshooting and less frequent interactions.

Production SLA

4 hours or less 24x5

Startup SLA

1 business day or less 24x5 within assigned region

Development SLA

1 business day or less 24x5 

Low Impact

Service Fully Usable

Minimum to no business or technical impact. Generic consultations.

All support packages:

1 business day or less 24x5 within assigned region

Change request

Other time

All support packages:

1 business day or less 24x5 within assigned region

  1. Resolution times: dependent on the particular circumstances and are not guaranteed. 

  2. RESTORE REQUESTS: Customer restore requests will begin within 1 business day or less 24x5 within assigned region, provided that the destination location is available and the requested data is available in the backup repository. We will respond to you via support ticket, telephone call, or both depending upon the severity of the situation and consistent with any procedures we have established with you for your account. 

Support packages scope:

  1. Server maintenance including patches installation. (Updates within same version line, for ex. Php. 5.6, LTS 12.04)

  2. Real time 24x7 monitoring with email / SMS alerting.

  3. Operating service and server downtime recovery. 

  4. External configuration backup in secured location. 

  5. Unlimited cases – Submit any number of support requests. 

  6. Phone and Chat support are available on Startup and Production SLAs.

  7. Non SLA customer will be treated on best effort during business hours, 9-18 Mon-Fri GMT +2 

Escalation guide:

Tier 1

Downtime assessment. Troubleshooting. Resolution attempt based on system behaviour analysis (OS plus Middleware).   

Tier 2

Integration level. Accessible only via Tier 1 escalation. Can confirm or overview Tier 1 findings. Can assess code behaviour on the platform.  

Tier 3

Vendor support. Accessible only via Tier 1 or 2 escalation. Escalated to components vendor for deeper analysis. Supported vendors are listed in Appendix A

Appendix A.

Inhouse vendor escalation list: 






RedHat (including jboss commercial)