GUI type: Grafana
Type: Handler
Pre configured Dashboard: Yes
ML / AI enabled: Yes

Scope: Heili can update Cloudflare of an attack on monitored application or website.

Configuration: Heili notifies Cloudflare about the attack using alert manager. To configure it in, first create new Notification Channel and select Webhook type.


- *Name* - Give name for the action

- *Url* - Url for action with Cloudflare Zone Identifier: `http://heimdall.api:8000/v1/trigger/cloudflare/under_attack/[ZONE IDENTIFIER ID]`.
        To find the Identifier ID you can go to Cloudflare Console -> Select Relevant Site -> *Firewall* -> Find *Security Level* and press **API** link, this will open Cloudflare API example with Zone Identifier ID
- *Http Method* - POST
- *Username* - Cloudflare user email address
- *Password* - Cloudflare API key for the email.
        Key can be found under CloudFlare Console -> *My Profile* -> *API Keys* -> **Global API Key**

Done. Once Notification channel exists you can attach it to any alert in relevant dashboards.