Realtime service and resource monitoring with award winning Heili platform

24x7 incident response for your entire infrastructure

Unlimited cases – Submit any number of support requests

Proactive root cause analysis on every incident

Choice of monitoring levels, service hours, response time SLAs

Multi-vendor support to consolidate services for your public cloud infrastructure

Real-time support tracking and updates in our support portal



Security groups management (AWS customers) 

Security hardening proposals


OS installation (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

Components reinstallation (same components / versions)

Linux updates (including security and kernel updates)

Upgrades of software components within same version (see below)

Software components configuration changes upon request

Container workloads 

Management of Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Rancher when applicable


Due to the nature of highly customisable infrastructure, the installation and / or customisation of certain applications and custom code may not be supported within the framework of the managed service. Our team will make a best effort on all requests, but reserves the right to exclude the following items from Heili managed service offerings.

  • Custom database applications
  • Custom database administration
  • 3rd party applications and scripts
  • Custom code and software

Upgrades of software components policy

  • Upon customer request 
  • Patch automated upon FS consideration
  • Minor upon FS consideration and customer approval
  • Major upon FS consideration customer approval and under developer supervision

Additional assistance

Any requests for assistance outside of the scope of cloud care will be invoiced on a time and materials basis, minimum time 15 minutes.